This price includes:

  • 1 to 2 prenatal visits. We go over your birth options, and different scenarios that may arise.
  • Joining you at your home or at the hospital during active labor.
  • 1 to 2 hours after baby is born. We can help you with first latch and show you some breast-feeding positions.
  • 1 postpartum visit, scheduled by the new mother. We go over your birth and answer any questions you may have

Always striving to be the best doulas in Atlanta, GA



This service is designed for the last minute client. It does not include prenatals or a postpartum visit. The fee covers 12 hours of labor support, each additional hour is $25.

​Most likely only one doula will be able to attend.



This is an incredible way to give back to yourself. Your body has just gone through a lot. What better way to help yourself than to give back in a supplement full of iron and your own hormones.

  • Studies have shown it to help with baby blues, lactation and anxiety.​
  • Our clients have said it helps give them some extra energy, decreased anxiety, and helped with milk production.

Research is still being done to see what all benefits can be received.

***Please know that this is not a treatment for PPD, that is different and should be discussed with your provider asap***


for doula clients


for non doula clients

This is for the parents in or around Atlanta, GA that don't have time for the traditional childbirth class that lasts several weeks. It is geared to a natural vaginal birth, but can be altered to your specific needs (vbac, epidural, cesarean). If you are a doula client, this will replace a prenatal appointment. You will learn about the labor process, pain relief techniques, positions and tools, and of course how to empower yourself to be able to achieve your birth goals.