​​Tiffany Grubb — I love you guys!! I was so thankful to have you during my induction. You guys are the best and you were so patient with my stubborn boy haha. So glad I had you two!

Mario Walker - Heather and Martha were both great with helping my wife during her labor. They allowed me to get cat naps and kept my wife focused. They were also able to help my wife to get throught twenty four hours of labor without any medication. If it were not for them my wife probally would of not made it throught the labor. These two ladies are truly wonderful and are dedicated to their craft. They were there for the full labor and even came back to check on my wife, during the snow strom that happened in Atlanta. I'm truly glad we had them both. There were available for calls and questions around the clock.

Valeria McGuire - This was my second birthing experiencing and honestly, I wish I would have known Heather and had her as my doula for my first daughter. As a Doula, I felt that I could trust Heather in her assistance and support with any concerns that I might have had throughout my pregnancy and when it came time to give birth. She was always very prompt to answer any questions that I had. Our meetings were very informative and helpful in making sure that I was comfortable with everything and reassured me that everything would be okay. I had a birth plan, but due to my decisions, some things changed while in labor. Although I did not have a completely natural birth without medications, she was there at the hospital to provide support after changing my mind. She was very quick to arrive at the hospital despite the time and circumstances. I had a very quick labor and I truly believe that if I did not give birth so quick, I would have definitely been a better candidate for a non-medicated birth. I would definitely have Heather as my doula again if I were to have more kids. I would also recommend her to anyone else who is looking to have a natural birthing experience. I believe that she is a good example for mothers who want to improve their parenting skills with a more natural approach to things. 

Leah Moore Cannon — Love these ladies!! I ended up with preeclampsia and was induced. They helped to get me through the ridiculous amount of pitocin and magnesium through my entire L&D process and I was able to achieve my goal of a natural delivery. They helped take so much pressure off my husband and assisted him with helping me relax as much as you possibly can during contractions! Thank you thank you thank you Martha and Heather! I will definitely have these ladies by my side with the next baby!!

Margo Crawford — These ladies are amazing!! They truly care about their clients, and are so wonderful and supportive during the whole process! I highly recommend them!

Mindy Phillips — I can't say enough good things about these two. I had an amazing unmedicated water birth VBAC with my 3rd child. If it's possible to say it was a great labor, it really was. I was supported, physically and emotionally throughout the process, including the days and weeks leading up to the birth. My birth experience was great. Even through the hiccups that came in the hospital setting, Martha and Heather were there to help me through contractions and even helped fill up the birthing tub when things were progressing quicker than expected. They stayed afterwards too to make sure we were settled, and I was feeling good. This birth experience was truly a blessing, and my hubby and I were blessed to have such an amazing birth team of people supporting us. I'd recommend Heather and Martha without hesitation and plan to have them for my next. :)

Sherri Wilkerson — These women are wonderful, patient, compassionate doulas! I have worked with them in a doula mentorship program for almost a full year now, and I have seen firsthand their commitment to excellence in their field. If they don't know the answer to something, they pick up the phone and call a more experienced doula to collaborate. Love, love, LOVE Heather and Martha!

Aleah Walker  — If I could give these ladies 20 ★s I would!!! They are amazing!!! Martha labored with me my entire labor and Heather stayed checking on me. Martha helped me find my zen and keep me focused on what was important to me, having a natural water birth. She kept me calm and talked me through each contraction. The both of them are extremely supportive in whatever you want for your birth plan. They give great advice and help guide you to make the best decisions for you and your baby. They're funny, sweet, caring and loving!!! I couldn't imagine my birth without them let alone survive it without them!!! Do I recommend them?? Are they all they say they are?? Are they the epitome of what a doula should be?? Are they worth the money and time???? YES YES YES and YES they are worth more than anything you can think of!! I will definitely utilize them for my next birth. Thank you ladies for all your dedication and support!! I ♥ u!!

Always striving to be the best doulas in Atlanta, GA