Always striving to be the best doulas in Atlanta, GA

Is it one fee for both of you?
Yes! Our fee covers both of us, you do not have to pay double to have both of us attend your birth.

Do both of you always come to the birth?
We do try to both come. There are a few reasons we would not both be there; only room for one of us in the room (most hospitals have a 3 person limit), one of us is sick, there is another client in labor at the exact same time (has only happened once). These reasons are very rare, but they can happen.

Why work as a team?
We feel it benefits our clients! If we are not both working hands on with mom, the other one is free to record a time line or take some pictures (we are not professional photographers!), or coach your partner on how to help.

What do you do to help if I want an unmedicated birth?
We support you physically and emotionally. We use counter pressure, massage, change your position, calm your breathing, keep your focus, water therapies, essential oils (if you want them), and many other techniques. In our prenatal appointments we will go over them in depth, and find out what you like and don’t like. Labor is not pain free, but how you deal with it can ease or intensify it.

What if I know I want an epidural?
We do not have a hidden agenda. Our goal is to help you achieve the birth that you want. If you know that you want an epidural or some other medical pain management, that’s okay. We have a meeting before your labor and will go over your birth plan in depth. This is your birth. We are there to support you in your informed decisions.

What about my partner?
We are not here to take your partner’s place! We can coach them on what to do also. Some partners want to be very involved and some partners may need several “coffee breaks”. This is another reason there are two of us. A coach for mom and a coach for your partner!